Improve Your Search Relevance Algorithm with Cogito

Improving the Search Relevance now become easier with Cogito, that is providing the search optimization and relevance service for online stores and ecommerce store selling various types of products in the market. It helps to make the search results how the most relevant products as per the search query.

Cogito knows how to optimize and tune-up the search algorithm to account every attribute customer is filtering the product search. It is providing the high-quality data sets for search relevance algorithm improvement while evaluating the search query results. It also helps in understanding the user’s behaviors and their cultural understandings.

search relevance

Key benefits of Search Relevance Improvements with Cogito:

  • Increase the search engine quality

  • Improve the overall search function

  • Improve the Satisfaction Level of Users

  • Low Bounce Rates with Search Results

  • High Conversion Rates with New Leads

  • High-speed Evaluation of Large Search Results

  • Scalable Turnout and Feasible Solution

  • Flexible Workforce for Diverse Industries

  • Quality Assured and Accurate Search Results

For effective and affordable search relevance solution, Cogito is the right platform providing search relevance metrics to get the most comprehensive results. It is working with wide-industry exposure clients with amazing results for each of them. Working with highly-experienced team, Cogito will help you in improving the search relevance for different types of products or services using search query box to their clients.

Author: Cogito

Cogito offers a complete data collection and processing service for training data as a services for AI and Machine learning based services. It is providing wide range of services like Visual Search, Image Annotation, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, Data Collection, Data Classification, Search Relevance, healthcare training data, contact center services, Content Moderation, Audio Transcription, Video Transcription and OCR Transcription services with high quality and accuracy.

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