Excellent Rapid Prototype Designs and Mould Designs at Nodinson Plastic Mould Co.Ltd

Nodinson Plastic Mould Co.Ltd has an excellent infrastructure and provides a variety of products and services. They provide abs injection molding service and also engineering services. They have a dedicated team of Engineers only for the design of parts. Based as a China plastic molding company we are pioneers in whatever we do, also reverse engineering capability right from scanning of parts, designing of parts and development of parts.

The design services that are provided are: Product Development and also engineering projects, Industrial Mechanical Designs, 3D and 2D industrial designs along with CAD/CAM and 2D drawings as well as 3D modelling. The pro engineer wild fire software helps us to perform rapid prototyping and digitization of parts.

Rapid prototypes are important in plastic mold making .They help verify the part designs and also reduce the risk of project failures. The engineering team helps you with everything right from estimation of costs to the end product completion.

Mould Design

With state of the art facilities we are the pioneers in the business and ensure the injection mould tools perform to the highest possible standards.

Metal Machining Parts

Nodinson Plastic Mould Co., LTD is an industry leader in metal machining manufacturing in China. The metal services provided are CNC machining, grinding machining, and also EDM machining. In the injection mold China companies we have an experience of a decade and a well-educated professional and enthusiastic team.

Why Choose Nodinson

We pride ourselves in timely delivery.We have a zero tolerance policy in quality.

Quality is our fundamental. We check the quality of finished products thoroughly and only then send them for shipments.

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